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Cycling with Electric Bikes

Cycling is a good exercise for those who wish to keep fit.

Advancement in technology has simplified this exercise even more via the introduction of the electric bicycle which is a better alternative to the traditional ones, yet provide a simulated experience that you might have with the best road bike..

The electric bikes provide you with the much needed assistance to move up that hill or reduce the strain and sweat as you ride each morning.

With electric biking, you can liberate your legs.

Electric bicycles make you feel confident to ride your bike since it has motors that assist your pedaling.

Therefore, you need not worry about your inability to finish the ride if you are not fit enough.

Electric biking is a liberating way to cycle even if your aim is to increase your level of fitness.

Various electric bicycles can now be found online and most can help by simplifying your riding exercises.

You can make your selection based on amount and specification.

With the electric bicycle, pedaling ceases to be an uphill task and you can rest whenever you feel tired and can no longer continue pedaling.

The Advantages of Electric Bicycling

These advantages are in two folds. There are health benefits and there are usage benefits.

  1. From the health angle, biking is a great exercise which helps in shedding off unnecessary body fat without straining the joints.

This makes it suitable for those cyclists with arthritis.

  1. Electric bicycling is also a pleasurable sport which causes the release of endorphins that initiates good feelings, alleviates the possibility of getting heart disease, and Type II diabetes and it helps to maintain flexible hips.

It is a very good exercise to carry out when you not feeling as strong as you used to.

  1. Electric bicycling is perhaps one of the easiest and healthiest ways to move around (within short distances) these days.

It is an economical form of transport which requires no license.

You also need not pay road tax or buy fuel; hence you are playing a part in the preservation of planet earth.

Just think of a life without MOT's, paying tax or incurring petrol expenses yet you have a healthier and physically fit you!

This is what the use of electric bicycles is offering you.

How Electric Bicycles Work

Electric bicycles use rechargeable batteries which drive a small electric motor that ease the process of pedaling when and where it required.

Some of these bikes have a pedal sensor which decides how much help is required based on the level of effort asserted by the cyclist.

Others have a handlebar or throttle (like a motorcycle) which can be adjusted whenever you require help from the motor.

This is especially advantageous for those who always need to move a bit of shopping up a hill at regular intervals.

It is also good for those who wish to arrive at their destination looking calm and collected.

Electric bicycles are still bicycles nonetheless and have a maximum speed of 15mph as their limit (with the motor running on an average power of 200W).

Availability and Pricing of Electric Bikes

  1. Electro¬óCity

Among the best models of electric bicycles on the market is the Electro-City.

The Electro-City is similar to the 'Powacycle' Puma and it is currently being offered online for just £549.99 instead of the RRP of £699.99.

This electric bicycle can be folded and it is a high specification and lightweight.

This makes it compact and quite affordable.

You can make your order online so you can start riding this summer.

The Electro-City is built with six gears and a twist grip throttle which puts the cyclist in total control.

The bicycle weighs approximately 17.8kgs and can move up to 26 miles with gentle peddling.

It is the perfect choice for commuting!

  1. Power¬óCity V2 Electric Bike

But of you seek a bit more power then what you need is the Power-City V2 electric bike.

The Power-City V2 electric bike comes with a very powerful battery that can take you further at full throttle.

Its top speed is 25kms/hr and it can be folded down to a need and tidy 850mm x 410mm x 800mm!

It current price online is £599.99 rather than the RRP of £799.99, did I hear you just scream WOW? Well, you can say that again!

However, if this bike is your choice, then you should make haste in making your offer as this "compact" offer is obviously reducing the stocks quickly.

  1. City Lynx

Now, let me tell you a secret, listen.

The electric bike I can say is my personal online favorite is the City Lynx.

City Lynx looks like the traditional bike and has more power than the fold-up versions.

She is bigger, has a step through, lightweight frame in aluminum alloy and a powerful battery that goes faster and lasts longer.

Her maximum speed is 25kms/hr with a distance of 50kms.

Although she does not fold, I like her intelligent pedal assistance and luggage rack, that's my baby!

Online offers for this summer are from £549.99.

This implies that you get to save a whopping sum of £200.00 off the RRP of £749.99!

What you should know about Electric Bikes before Buying One

Electric bikes are allowed in the United Kingdom only if the following rubrics are observed:

  1. The users must be 14 years old and above.
  2. The bicycle's weight should not be more than 40kg.
  3. The motor does not exceed 200 watts continuous power output.
  4. The speed must not be beyond 15mph on motor mode (you pedaling speed can be as fast as you wish).
  5. The bicycle must have functioning pedals.

So tell me, what are you still waiting for?

We base our review on https://bodygearguide.com/ because their experts provide impartial breakdowns. We believe that their analysis is great and insightful.